Calling Out Vendors for Amazing Sponsorship Opportunities!


Do you want to connect with over 20,000+ licensed real estate agents in Georgia every month?

This is your chance to give your business the extra exposure by delivering live presentations and attending meetings, seminars, and workshops with expert real estate agents, investors, and business owners!

You shouldnt be wondering how other companies become local leaders in just a few months of starting. Instead, you should be living that life!

The secret to expanding your influence, gaining popularity, and enjoying profitable business in the real estate industry lies in making sponsorship a habit!


Luther Ragsdale Invites You To Partner with Platinum Real Estate!


Luther Ragsdale is the no. 1 real estate coach in Georgia who boasts over two decadesworth of experience in selling out venues across the country. Not only this, he is a national motivational speaker, best-selling author, and the executive producer of a personal radio and TV program!

Sponsorship at one of the company events will be your ticket for impressive business benefits. Take it from someone who has been transforming raw talent into pure gold real estate professionals with his exceptional coaching skills and mentorship!


Why Become a Vendor for Platinum Real Estate


Platinum Real Estate is one of the largest real estate firms in the South East with a team of over 100 licensed real estate agents. Since its inception in 1998, the firm has grown manifold and is thriving every day.

Platinum Real Estate features a state-of-the-art technology system called PlatinumDB. Through this system, platinum agents choose vendors to do business with.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to become a preferred vendor because success and prosperity lies ahead of you!


Whats in it for You?


Luther Ragsdale conducts informational webinars called Top Producer Thursdays every Thursday. Every week, over 300 real estate agents attend these live online webinars and enjoy the benefits of knowledge sharing and networking.

Every Tuesday, he has a private, one-on-one coaching call with every member of his coaching program. This million-dollar producer has conducted several workshops and boot camps and has coached over 5000 real estate agents, pushing them on the road to long-term success.

These and many more similar events are organized every week just to help you excel in the crowded real estate industry!

At each event, more than 100 licensed real estate agents, brokers, associate brokers, investors, and business owners come together for money-spinning business!

Once you become a sponsor, you get access to the largest real estate network and get the opportunity to connect with successful agents. You can also present your company in front of the attendees for maximum exposure in the industry!

Luther Ragsdale has been hosting incredible live events in Georgia since 1999 and now, he wants to partner with YOU!

Do NOT miss this opportunity or else, youll regret later!

Sponsorship is both a short and long-term marketing solution that will take your business to new heights. Besides, youll be contributing in making the real estate industry more efficient and prosperous!

With the following monthly sponsorship plans, lets set you up for a partnership that will skyrocket your business growth!



Silver Plan:

  • 1 table to distribute products $200.00
  • Morning, lunch, and afternoon networking $200.00
  • Event door prizes and recognition $200.00

Total Value $600.00



Gold Plan:

  • Everything in Silver Plan $600.00
  • 4 emails per month advertising to over 20,000 Ga Real estate agents $550.00
  • 1 text message per month to all Platinum Real Estate agents $300.00
  • Luther Ragsdale will personally recognize your company at the LIVE event $250.00

Total Value $1700.00




Platinum Plan:

  • Everything in Gold $1700.00
  • 4 extra emails to 27,000 Ga. Real Estate agents $550.00
  • 4 text messages to Luther Ragsdale VIP List (8500 people) $1200.00
  • Preferred vendor for Platinum Real Estate $1000.00
  • Live presentation during Workshop $1500.00
  • Recognition at live webinar every month to train over 275 agents $1800.00
  • Distribute marketing material to every attendee during workshop $675.00
  • Logo on event page $200.00

Total Value $8625.00


Let’s Build Your Business Together!

Make sure you sign up TODAY to get an edge in this overly competitive real estate industry!